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Mosquitocidal activity of ethanolic leaf extract of gmalina arborea.


Erica B. Balod,
Lenard Mien C. Banatao,
Marjorie A. Mallillin,
Millie Anne B. Taguinod

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
Publication Date
May 2016


Mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of many dreadful diseases in many tropical  and subtropical countries including the Philippines. Diseases like dengue malaria and chikungunya  some common in the country which poses public health concerns. Plants with phytochemicals thave mosquitocidal potentials are now recognized as potent alternative insecticides replace synthetic insecticides. The mosquitocidal activity of gmelina arborea ethanolic leaf extract was essayed for suitability in controlling the increase in mquitoes.

The experitmental post-test design was utilized in the study. 375 adult mosquitoes are the subject, which ere propagated by the researchers. The mosquitocidal efficacy of the ethanolic leaf extract of G. arborea with three (3) consentration such us 30% v/v 60% v/v and 90v/v were tested against the adult mosquitoes. count, percentage and ANOVA was used to analyze the data.

Results show that the maximum efficacy was observed in the 90% v/v concentration. The number of mosquitoes eradicated in the 90% v/v concentration is forty seven (47) out of seventy five (75) thirty six (36) out of seventy five (75) mosquitoes for the 60% v/v concentration and twenty eight (28) out of seventy five (75) mosquitoes forthe 30% v/v concentration. the positive control (baygon insecticides) eradicated seventy four (74) out of seventy five(25) mosquitoes, these results suggested thatG. arborea leaf extract possess mosquitocidal potential but the positive control is still more effective.


1. Balod, Erica B.. Mosquitocidal activity of ethanolic leaf extract of Gmelinaarborea. St paul University Philippines. pages 68. (BS) St Paul University Philippines, May

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